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From the makers of the well-loved Fleshlight, we bring you the FleshJack Endurance. Designed for guys who dig guys (but certainly anyone can love this ass), this bodacious booty lets you have magnificent solo fun while helping you build up your endurance for couples action.

What does every great performer in the history of the world have in common? They all have hours of practice (under their belt). The problem with sexual performance is that there hasn't ever been an effective way to train; until now. The Endurance Jack comes with our most intense texture - soft fleshy pillows in a super tight canal. If you can last ten minutes in the Endurance Jack, you can last 20 in bed with anyone!

Discreet, stylish and simple to clean; just remove the Endurance sleeve from the outer casing after use, wash in warm water and dry thoroughly before returning to the case.

We recommend that you only use a WATER-BASED lube in conjunction with your Fleshjack as oil or silicone based lubes may deteriorate the superskin sleeve.

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