Nipple Suckers - Medium - 2 Piece

Nipple Suckers - Medium - 2 Piece View larger

Quite a lot of gay men are into nipple play and this pair of kinky nipple suckers are perfect to satisfy that fetish. This is a set of two medium nipple suckers that can be used by a man to leave his nipples look and feel extremely hard and inviting. Durable and strong, these nipple suckers will keep delivering pleasurable suction until your legs are shaking.

Using the convenient rotary handle, the powerful pump will cling to your nipple as much as you want them to. Once in place, it will never let go, until you are fully satisfied with yourself. The transparent material allows you to see what’s going on underneath the suckers, which adds to the thrill and excitement.

These nipple toys can be easily stored away or taken with you when on the road. Also, if your nipples are satisfied, or you want more out of the suckers, you can easily use them on any other body part you want, making them ideal for all your gay fantasies.

• Length: 10 cm
• Inner diameter: 3.9 cm

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