Sextreme Steel 51mm Magnetic Ballstretcher

Sextreme Steel 51mm Magnetic Ballstretcher View larger

Minimalistic and masculine, the “Sextreme Magnetic Ball Stretcher” is a superior and durable ball stretcher ring for the man who knows what he wants. It is made out of solid high-grade medical steel.

Putting it on (or taking it off) is very functional and effective: The ring closes by simply clinking on the magnetic closure part. Just watch out that no skin gets caught between the magnets since they are very strong!

The testicle ring can delay ejaculation, as well as providing a pleasant stretching, swinging effect, thanks to it’s weight (275g). The incredible downward tug will be intensified with every motion… Of course you can always add a second or a third ring to your collection.

• Thickness: 1,5cm
• Inner Diameter: 5,1cm
• Weight: 275g

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R 1,399.95 tax excl.

R 1,609.94   tax incl.

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